7 Day FREE FIX-Clean Eating & Workout Tips

7 Day FREE FIX-Clean Eating and Workout Group

Ready to do something for YOU and get started now with my free 7 Day Meal Plan, grocery list and mini support group for one whole week?

WHAT? I would do that for free? Why? Well, first of all helping you is my passion and second, the only way for you to find out if this type of challenge at home workout thing is for you is for you to jump right in and TRY IT ON!

So join us for a week and see if this is right for you!

My super fun and supportive 7 Day Free Fix group is going to give you that boast of motivation and support you need to get going on your journey for support, friendship, healthy, energy, weight loss, community of moms or whatever else you are looking for!


In our 7 Days together, we cover the following:

7 Eat Clean Recipes

1 Meal Plan yours to keep and use

1 Grocery List

7 of my Tops Workouts Tips

7 of my Top Eat Clean Tips

7 Day FREE FIX-Clean Eating & Workout Tips

7 Day FREE FIX-Clean Eating & Workout Tips


The great thing about doing a clean eating group, is the support! Finding other people who are just like you…looking to get started and have some accountability is key! The group is so much fun and we really do get to know each and everyone of you!

Shy? Not sure what to expect!?


But I can promise you that you can participate at YOUR comfort level, and yes, the meal plan, grocery list and my workout and clean eating tips are all yours to use and re use …free!


Ready to start now? Add yourself to our group and send me a message on facebook so I know to let you in the group!

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